What should you expect
during a nutrition consultation?

Before our first meeting you will be sent a questionnaire about your health status and concerns, lifestyle, daily habits and routines. You will also be asked to complete a three-day food diary, which will help me to get an idea about your eating patterns: the foods and drinks that you tend to consume, meal times and quantities plus other relevant information.

Our first meeting, which usually last for about an hour, will be focused on more thorough assessment of your diet and health. We shall work together to find the best nutritional solutions for you. I might also give you some personalised handouts and recipes to take home, but more detailed nutritional advice will be given after the second or third consultation, when I shall have made the full appraisal of your diet and health and the relationship between the two.

Following appointments are usually shorter – from 30 to 60 minutes, during which we revise your progress, discuss the problems and hindrances that might have appeared, I answer your questions (there usually are many!) and provide you with further personally tailored advice and suggestions.



Elena Holmes, BSc (Psychology), MA, PgDip (Nutritional Therapy), MSc (Nutrition Science) – pending,
member of BANT, member of CNHC, member of the Nutrition Society, Senior Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine  

I cover Selby and York
I also offer consultations via Skype.

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