The Pumpkin – facts, ideas, and recipes

29th October 2017

It is that time of the year. Orange. No escaping it. Orange leaves on the trees and orange pumpkins on doorsteps, walls, shop counters, porches, and windowsills. Leaves fall to rot on the ground, and the ‘used’ pumpkins are tossed ...
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Sauerkraut – or fermented cabbage (plus a recipe)

21st February 2017

In August 1768 Captain Cook left for an expedition on board of his ship “Endeavour” in quest of discovering just another new, rich and beautiful land, thus ascertaining himself glory and historical immortality. The expedition prov ...
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Plant sources of iron

30th December 2016

World Health Organisation (WHO) states that approximately 2 billion of the World’s population (30%) have iron deficiency anaemia (1). Some these cases are due to impaired absorption, but the major part is related to malnutrition a ...
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If broccoli tasted like chocolate...

25th November 2016

Would people be happier (and healthier) if we could make broccoli taste like chocolate?   I have come across this question quite a few times recently. “Chocolate is nice, delicious, desirable, rewarding, etc., etc. etc”. Right? ...
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Some fantastic tips about healthy relationship with food from Bee Wilson’s book

15th November 2016

This book is a great read not only for dietitians, nutritionists, health educators and similar. It is for everyone who is interested in why we like what we like, why we prefer certain tastes, textures or temperatures of food while ...
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Are oats gluten-free?

17th October 2016

Are oats gluten-free?   Many people today choose to eat a gluten-free diet. Some – because they have celiac disease, some because they are sensitive to gluten or just wheat and some simply decide to stop eating gluten containing ...
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Farinata – super healthy, super scrumptious, super colourful... Super! :)

16th October 2016

 Colourful (and “veggifull” ;) ) Farinata Serves 1-6, depending on if one eats it as the main or as a starter or a snack.Difficulty - ☺Preparation time – 30min., plus 1h (optional, but recommended) for “resting” the mixture.Gluten ...
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Some wise and thought provoking words about food and health

12th October 2016

 Some wise and thought provoking words about food and health An apple a day keeps the doctor away. – An old proverb Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.  – Hippocrates (460BC) When diet is wrong, medicin ...
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