Are oats gluten-free?

Posted on 17th October 2016

Are oats gluten-free?
Many people today choose to eat a gluten-free diet. Some – because they have celiac disease, some because they are sensitive to gluten or just wheat and some simply decide to stop eating gluten containing foods as an extra measure to support their decision to cut down on cakes, biscuits and pies!
Oats, as grains, are gluten-free. The problem – and this, alas, happens quite often – may occur when they are processed in facilities that also prepare wheat, barley, spelt and rye (grains containing gluten). Oats become cross-contaminated and no more suitable for the gluten-free diet.
Non-contaminated oats and their products can be found in “Free from” sections at the supermarkets and health food shops.
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