Some fantastic tips about healthy relationship with food from Bee Wilson’s book

Posted on 15th November 2016

This book is a great read not only for dietitians, nutritionists, health educators and similar. It is for everyone who is interested in why we like what we like, why we prefer certain tastes, textures or temperatures of food while detesting some others and, as it says "on the box", how we learn to eat and appreciate the foodstuff – or to recoil from it.

• Eating well is a skill. We learn it. Or not. It’s something we can work on at any age.
• Sugar is not love. But it can feel like it.
• If you want yourself to eat better, focus less on the food and more on your own response to it.
• We mostly eat what we like (give or take). Before you can change what you eat you need to change what you like. And you will never like new foods unless you give yourself the chance to try them. The fact that you don’t like something now is not necessarily a sign that you will never like it.
• Calories are not the same as morals. No food can be either ‘naughty’ or ‘virtuous’. It’s all just food.”
Wilson B. First Bite. How we learn to eat. London; 2015. 403 p.
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